Ava came to see Kate when she was only a few weeks old. Ava had been diagnosed with hydrocephalis and was blind. We came to see Kate to see if she could calm our fractious baby who had experienced two major operations, spending four difficult weeks in hospital. Ava was in extreme discomfort due to poor digestive problems resulting from taking high doses of antibiotics. She also had poor sleeping patterns. I watched my agitated baby relax in front of my eyes. I have no idea what Kate does, I can only describe it as pure magic.

Ava loves her sessions and has benefited greatly in so many ways. She was recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy and Kate has improved her mobility no end. The physiotherapists that Ava sees are astonished at her progress.

Kate has also given me much comfort and reassurance in a way that the medical profession has not managed and we will always be grateful that we found her at a time when things we so hard.


As a 70 plus year old I had assumed my nagging lower back ache was something to do with age and I would have to live with it. How wrong I was, your therapeutic treatment has completely relieved the pain. In addition, your recognition of an accident that I suffered many years ago, which had resulted in restricted movement of neck and shoulders, which again you have successfully treated, has given me a new lease of life with energy levels restored to the pre-accident period.

Please accept my sincere thanks for your miraculous treatment.

Sue and Adrian

Both myself and Adrian have been treated by Kate for originally totally different reasons.

Adrian has suffered with a bad back through a sporting injury for many years and has visited many osteopaths. Kate’s gentle treatment has been very effective without Adrian having to endure any painful treatment and he continues to improve with every session.

For myself my initial reason for visiting was due to reoccurring internal pain following two operations. Not only has this pain gone from being a constant problem to a rare occurrence, I have also gained great relief from a nagging back pain. This was a result of horse riding accidents and something which I believe I just had to live with.

The joy of movement and day to day living without pain is worth every penny. I would highly recommend a visit to Kate for anyone with persistent aches and pains.

Meg the Dog

Just to say thank you so much for treating my dog, Meg. After her hip dislocations, she was in pain, chewing her tail, kept shooting across the room in agony and was getting rather anxious and depressed. The vet said that it would take three months to heal, but as you know, after two months I felt she was heading downhill and I couldn’t bear to see her in such discomfort. After three treatments in three weeks, I can’t believe she’s the same dog! Her hair is now growing back on her tail, she doesn’t shoot across the room in pain and she now loves to play with her ball again. I would like you to come and see her again in a few months, just to make sure she’s ok.

Thanks once again and see you soon.


Hi Kate

Just a quick email to let you know that Sarae is now sleeping through the night so I wont need any more appointments for her!! I took your advice (eventually) and now Sarae is on Goats milk which seems to have cleared her chest and makes her sleep lovely.

The next stage is moving her into her own bed now which I am going to do within the next couple of weeks. Would just like to say thanks for everything. You can put these comments on your website.